2017 Polgain Ltd.  Polgain is a Saint Vincent Holdings company.
Kopp SK22 CNC Contour Grinding Machine
Kopp SK21 CNC Contour Grinding Machine
CNC Rowbottom)
Kopp Universal Copy Grinding Machine
Anilam CNC Rowbottom Cam Miller (barrel cam 36" capacity & plate cam 33" capacity) X 1
Swing arm Rowbottom Cam Miller
SIG Cam Milling Machine X 2
Eonic Plate Cam Grinding Machine X 2
Eonic Large Plate Cam Grinding Machine (54" Capacity) X 1
Eonic Barrel Cam Swing Arm Grinder

Long bed DH Landis can accept a camshaft of 72" Long
CNC Landis Lund 800 Camshaft Grinder capacity 60"L & 5.750" Minimum inverse radius
CNC ADCOLE Contour Measuring M/C
Mechanical Generation Cam Grinder x 2
Hey Face and Centering machine

Haas SL30 Big Bore High torque CNC Lathe 12" x 700mm long
Haas SL40T CNC Lathe 15" x 1118mm long
Haas VF6 Vertical Machining Centre with 450mm 4th axis and tailstock
Haas VF6 Vertical Machining Centre with 450mm 4th axis and tailstock
Haas VF6 Vertical Machining Centre with 210mm 4th axis and tailstock
Beaver V5 CNC Fourth Axis Miler
CNC Bridgeport Interact 412 Miller
CNC Bridgeport Interact 1 Mark 2 Miller
Heidenhain CNC Newall Jig Borer

Plant List
Cylindrical Grinder (ERFURT) up to 12" x 60"
Heald Bore & Bore grinding up to 12"

Eonic PCG Bore grinding up to 24"
Ribon Outside Diameter & Taper Grinder
Ribon Outside Diameter & Taper and Bore Grinder
Newall Thread grinder
Tool & cutter grinder x 3
Lumsden Plough grind to 36" (Diameter on chuck)

Schearer Lathe 65" long
Webster & Bennett, Vertical Borer up to 39"
Colchester Triumph 200 with DRO
Herbert 8 Preoptive
Elliott Omni Speed Lathe
Bridgeport milling machines with DRO x 3
Parkson Milling machine
Kearney & Trekker milling machine with powered rotary table
Richmond Envoy Radial Arm Drill

Magnaflux, magnetic particle crack detection machine

Jenny Press (118" travel) can straighten shafts up to 59" Long
Technika Centre Grinding
Marbaix Spark Disintegrator
Cutting off Saw